• Porsche Carrera Cup
    Asia Champion

  • 3 Times European

  • 12 Times New Zealand
    kart Champion


e sivana

Sivana Sports International

Provision of professional driver management services in international motorsport.

web: www.sivanasports.com
c p1

P1 Advanced Racewear

Advanced racewear from P1 - bringing you the best suits on the market.

web: www.p1racewear.com
d mcgregor

McGregor Fashion

No Future without ambition. McGregor Fashion Group BV, founded in 1993, is one of the most successful fashion houses in the upper market segment.

web: www.mcgregor-fashion.com
f bell

Bell Racing Europe

Today, Bell Racing Europe's helmets represent safety, quality, advanced design and technology and stand for excellence. From Formula One to karting, from GT racing to Rally, our research & development team cooperates with the best racers in the World.

web: www.bellhelmets.eu
 a1 nzfulvic


Fulvic helps humans absorb nutrients the same way it helps plants; delivering the essential minerals that we need, whilst helping cells to eliminate toxins from our bodies. Humans have been taking Fulvic as a health supplement for hundreds of years across many cultures including Indian Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine. The Chinese call Fulvic the Golden Medicine!

web: www.nzfulvic.com