• Porsche Carrera Cup
    Asia Champion

  • 3 Times European

  • 12 Times New Zealand
    kart Champion

Driver Coaching & Tuition

Apart from my commitment to racing I also take pride in working as a driver coach, whether you’re taking to the track for the first time or as a professional, having instruction from Chris van der Drift for the day or the weekend is the most effective way of dropping those lap times and enhancing your technique.

"Finding that extra performance from you and your car at a fraction of the price"

Chris is a professional racing instructor that will guide you through a weekend/days driving whether it be sitting alongside you giving those important tips of how to drive your car to a standard that others wish they had.

So if you are looking for that certain apex point or you keep missing that crucial braking point or you just want to see what you and your car are capable off on track then you have come to the best place.

Beginners - what you can expect to learn:

For beginners those first few track days can be extremely intimidating. my instructing will build solid, fundamental techniques and enhance confidence to overcome the initial steep learning curve.

  • Where to look & how to use vision
  • How to brake with maximum effect
  • How to accelerate with maximum effect utilising the grip you have
  • Which racing line to use – specific to your car
  • Where and when to brake, turn, accelerate
  • Changing gear effectively, quickly & with mechanical sympathy
  • How to drive your car smoothly for most stability and ensuring mechanical sympathy
  • An introduction to oversteer and understeer

Experts/Single Seater Drivers/Championships - what you can expect to learn:

You have your braking points sorted and you've got the car moving around - you’re moving along nicely.
Even though a lot of drivers have their cars sliding around, they can still go faster. A car's weight and therefore grip, can be manipulated by the way that you drive it and being able to move your car’s grip around in different parts of the corner means that you can drive faster. These are advanced racing techniques, with tuition concentrating on the following:

  • Advanced racing lines specifically to suit your car's grip/power
  • Advanced braking - trail braking into corners
  • Manipulating the cars weight to transfer grip
  • How to 'heel and toe' correctly
  • Left-foot braking
  • Being fast in wet conditions
  • Data analysis
  • Prioritising corners

With prices starting from just £199, these intensive sessions are tailored to meet your specific goals.

If you're interested please get in touch with me to find out about prices and avalibility